Jingle on the Ale side I & II

by Mr. K

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This EP has lots of different things we love about music, fun, lightness, rhythm and some blues, but also some foggy memory.
if you get it and you like it, write us an email and we'll send you our next song as soon as it is ready



released February 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Mr. K Italy

music has to be lived, we try to.

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Track Name: Ginger Ale
i was there, waiting for the apple to fall down
i was there, gathing my fruits around
choking all the vitamines in the air,
minerals and fluids on the plate,
i was there, waiting for the apple to fall down

6am chemistry, had a low level of gammaGT
what should i take? i was handed some GA
i'd pour it all down my throat, choking ultil my fats are burned
6am chemistry, had a low level of gammaGT

i'll get real soon, drinking all my ginger ale
with you, all my anti-oxidants!!

should say, everything i ate was ok
but now i feel empty inside..
crawling hardly to the fridge, it's empty but for a bottle of milk
i stole, from that guy on the second floor.. ahahahah
Track Name: Washing Machine
we went out looked for a wave, that's when the ocean said it's not your day
we drove off bay to bay singing songs about meeting k
chocolate would swim in the sea, jumping in would your dream
we found a lake about to explode, it felt like trapped we digger him free

that's when we started singing..


at first we crossed the rio of fun, sliding and jumping all down
but when nature gathered up her strength she thought we'd still got some to learn
so we got shot in the ocean, rolled, turn, dried and washed again
that's when you fear to get lost, never finding a way out from there

then an arm raised singing…
Track Name: A Long Infection Ceases Existence
when life is plain driven black and white and rains outside disconsolately,
sometimes you felt you had it done, it's only my nails scratching success, grasping only the air
it's raining outside! turning in my bed, i realize it's only nice if
you're not all alone, or in songs of pain, getting away in a dream

a little sun did deceive me, while hope was rising, grey wool fell on my head
don't fall in love with a day it's already gone
loneliness hurts a lot, it leaves you marked, a scar and still it drops
Track Name: Meeting K

No buddy, not in the game
meeting a lady from the docks
we're going out, there's a cool band playing on the 52nd
can hear it now.. blow your horns!!

Ms K,
will you dance with me?
I'm here for you..
Ms K
will you drink with me?
I'm here for you

oh.. K! you're here again!
haven't seen you for a while
please don't pretend.. do you want to have some fun?
not yet asking to marry me

Ms K,
will you dance with me?
I'm here for you..
Ms K
will you drink with me?
i'll take you home
Ms K,
will you dance with me?
I'm here for you..
Ms K
will you drink with me?
i'll take you home
Track Name: Iron Man In Portobello
1938, was hangin' in paris, i was wearing a long black coat,
rain wouldn't bother slapping on my face,
i knew exactly what i was doing there

i was waiting in the street, i a dark wet boulevard
shouting wind was telling me i was alone
grabbed a drink in a taverne, they'd ask me where to go,
so i told 'em "what the hell! to portobello!!!"

you should come with me, catch red butterflies
you and me, come before it's too late!

1940, iron man still wasn't there.. i guessed he went out fishing dudes for his big big "femme"

decals les escaliers, the fall was pretty loud
everything was spinning around, thought "quell vin etait terrible"
a red flash in the sky, i new "there is my guy"
grabbed his iron hailer, to portobelloooo!!!
Track Name: On My Own
somebody told me lots of things i carry with me all the while
independence would come from sharing time, freedom is a state of mind

i wouldn't be so sure if'd say that i'm here, was i awake was i away
i spent 2 weeks on your couch, was i dreaming i was a brown leather case

so what you say?
you say that i'd better off alone
where i'd go..
you say that i'd better off alone

is it true, as they say, that what i see is right there?
write me a book of paintings i would see around, beyond the shades

struggling up the mountain, always see the next,
is that a valley i see there?
i would carry on easily if i'd know what's best, must step aside from the rails
gotta take a jump and fly, open up my eyes only when i'm down
procrastination will just kill, present must be my time